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A natural entertainer, North Philadelphia bred singer/songwriter/musician, Jus comes from a long line of musical appreciation leading him to pursue his training at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. It was here that he honed his skills on the guitar. Having a grandmother who tours as an opera singer, uncles who are working jazz musicians, helped to foster his early love for classical, jazz and soul music. Jus was raised by his parents along with his older brother in a row-home in an African American neighborhood ironically named Nicetown. Suddenly uprooted by his fathers' new job in Aurora Colorado, the family moved to a racially intolerant neighborhood where for the first time he and his brother were the only African American kids on the block. Jus spend the rest of his years in Colorado trying to get back to roots in Philadelphia. Living in Colorado gave him a new perspective on life. Philadelphia had given him the strength to survive where the simplicity of Colorado force ... Read More

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