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About Lotus
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Lotus is a largely instrumental Philadelphia, PA, USA, based band that melds sounds of electro, house, funk, and post-rock. They tour the United States frequently as well as Japan and are the most often scrobbled "Lotus" http://www.lotusvibes.com 2) Lotus is a Chicago based group centered on Christy Cameron Smith and Paul Infiniti. Described as "...softly flow through downtempo rhythms and are enlightened by strong melodies arising from acoustic, electric and electronic instrumentations and arrangements all lead by the sensual and yet powerful voice of Christy Cameron Smith." http://www.lotusband.com 3) Lotus is a Swedish band. Line-up: Anders Åhlund (Vocals, ex-Saigon) Uffe Pettersson (Keyboards, also a member of Galleon) Micke Berner (bass, been a member of RockTools) They recorded the whole Sgt Pepper album. 4) Lotus is a four-piece band influenced by straight forward and melodic hardcore bands with a groove. With membe ... Read More

Career Started: 1999
Official Website: http://www.lotusvibes.com
Tags: electronic, rock, jam, jam band, instrumental,