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1) Lady is a hot new retro-R&B duo consisting of soul superstars Nicole Wray and Terri Walker. Their self-titled debut album was released on March 5, 2013. 2) LADY, born Shameka Brown, has always had a way with words. Whether giving speeches, writing poetry, or just telling a story; the way she told it made you visualize her struggle, her drive, and her raw passion for her craft. "Mama told me I had a slick mouth and it'd get me in a lot of trouble" says Lady. She may have been right about causing trouble, but Lady's maverick ways made her a natural for the rap game. Lady didn't fully embrace her status as a lyrical protegee until the age of 11. Soon after, she made the natural transition from simply creating her own spins on hot songs to crafting her own music. Soon in 2002, she formed a group with two friends and started rapping at school. "Yep we had lunch room concerts and I was the main attraction, I can't even lie" says Lady. She quickly became well known for her hardcore ... Read More

Career Started: 2005
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