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There are at least six artists with the name STP: 1) Berlin based Rene Pawlowitz got many aliases, three of them are "Shed", "STP" and "EQD". He mostly produces Techno and Dubstep, which still sounds quite a lot like something that Chain Reaction or Basic Channel would have released, and is obviously geared as lovers of vintage Berlin dub techno sound. 2) STP was a short-lived all-female punk band based in New York City, which included Julie Cafritz (formerly of Pussy Galore) and Jaqi/Jacqui Dulany/Cohen (of DUSTdevils). 3) STP is also a known acronym for Stone Temple Pilots. The STP Radio will play mostly grunge like music , similar to them. 4) STP was an early alias of Jimmy Cauty of the KLF 5) STP was a new-wave band from Czechoslovakia alias Soubor tradičního popu 6) STP is the acronym of Small Town Productions, a Deep House project by Cliff Truesdell who releases on I!. Records Read More

Career Started: 1986
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