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About Dima
Born and raised in the ex Soviet Union, Dmitri Vaganov a.k.a. Dima, was introduced to music at an early age. Starting as a drummer, and later finishing music school majoring in percussion instruments, Dima was influenced by many styles of music, including Russian, European and American folk, pop, and rock. It wasn't until his early teenage years when he developed interest in electronic music, influenced by bands like C+C Music Factory, Snap, KLF, Ice MC, 2 Unlimited, and many others. Later his interest progressed from mainstream sounds into the underground sound of house music. He started listening to DJs like Deep Dish, Jonathan Peters, and John Digweed. Always wanting to make his own music, Dima went through many trials to arrive at his own sound. After several project attempts with other musicians, Dima decided that it's best to go solo, thus the new endevour began. In the last several years Dima made an impact on the house music community by releasing several noteworthy remi ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
Tags: france, dance, underground, pimp, electronic music,