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About Zombie
There are at least 3 artists using this name: 1. a Polish electronic music composer 2. a Brazilian thrash metal band 3. an American thrash metal band Polish: This 24-year-old gentle Polish guy began to compose electronic music as soon as 1997. As a teenager, equipped with two 500 Amiga, a 600 Amiga and a 1200 Amiga, he came up with "light" drum'n'bass, old school rave and minimal Detroit-type techno. In 1998, living in Szczecin, he was in charge of a broadcast called Cybernoc on a local radio and was used to playing in Club 12 Groszy. Getting the crowd going, getting the crowd screaming... Zombie goes on playing minimal techno and "heavy" drum'n'bass in clubs and underground places. In 2002, the crew Behemoth Breaks is founded by Zombie and NobiOne, soon joined by Pioter and Hatilak. Rocked by Zombie's and Pioter's productions, industrial d&b nights multiply, especially at the Neuron, the Neroshocked Crew's club. Many Polish DJs took part to the NoRemorse's nights cycle, as wel ... Read More

Official Website: http://thezombieriot.com/
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