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About Vicente Fernández
In his native Mexico, Vicente Fernández is hailed as the "king of the rancheros." He was born and raised in Huentitán del Alto, Jalisco, Mexico to a poor family and had to work since his childhood to maintain himself. Vicente got his start when he won a Guadalajara singing contest. At age 21 he was in the show "La Calandria Musical" where he received his first payment for singing. He earned 35 pesos. He and his ranchera music have become most popular in Latin America and in Spain. In 1995, his tribute to Mexico's beloved Trio Los Panchos, Recordando A Los Panchos, earned him considerable acclaim and produced two major hits, "Miseria" and "No, No, Y No." He owns and primarily lives in a huge ranch named 'Los Tres Potrillos" located between the cities of Guadalajara and Chapala Jalisco, Mexico. It was named after his three sons. It is complete with stables, 2 houses, a lake, high bred horses and a church. During Christmas time thousands of children go to this ranch where hundreds ... Read More

Career Started: 1968
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