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About Nifty
There are 2 artists with the name Nifty. Nifty born as Vaihi Toki in Montclaire, CA (LA) moved to the Bay Area as a kid, but was then raised throughout his teen years in The Mac (South Sacramento, CA). His parents tried to keep him away from the struggles of their environment, but as his father fell into drugs and his mother's health started slowly declining he found himself becoming involved with drugs, sex, and money. While working a 9 to 5 to help provide for his family Nifty met up with New Hotness Entertainment producer/engineer Joel Banks. Joel had been involved with production and had a couple of artists under their entertainment group. After showcasing his music to Nifty, he became interested in rapping for New Hotness and the rest is a wrap! Nifty went in to record his first song titled "Check The Name" and he was hooked ever since. Nifty's dedication to rap became apparent when hypeman and first cousin ULA moved back to Sacramento from the I.E.(Inland Empire, LA) in Ma ... Read More

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