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2010: they are dustin 23,kelly 22,patrick 20,carnell 19,bryan 17.they just got signed to another record company and are working hard on a new cd 2009: 1. The five Breeding brothers of B5, consisting of Dustin 22, Kelly 21, Patrick 19, Carnell 18 and Bryan 16, are back, all grown up and showing off a new mature sound. Their sophomore album is set for release on Diddy's Bad Boy Records and the title, Don't Talk, Just Listen, says it all. Co-Executive Producer Kevin Wales had a great idea and after discussing it with the group they all knew the title was right. Dustin explains, "We came up with that title because we want people to let go of their old notions about who we are and listen to what we have to say." And what the boys are saying is pretty much what you'd expect of teenage boys on the verge of manhood. "It's still clean music but it has more of an edge," says Kelly. "We're not talking about how we can't wait to see a girl in school the next day [as in their 2005 single, ... Read More

Career Started: 2001
Official Website: http://www.b5online.com
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