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About Us, From Outside
Us, From Outside are a post-hardcore band formed in Philadelphia, PA. The band signed to Tragic Hero Records in 2009 and released their debut album Inspired By The Threat Of Failure on April 27, 2010. A music video was recorded for "I Thought I'd Be Dead by Now" which can be viewed on the Tragic Hero video channel. They announced the recording of a new EP that may be released in November, which was updated to in fact be a full-length release. Soon afterward, it was announced that clean vocalist Michael Crimlis would be leaving the band. Kenny Davis, the bassist, now performs clean vocals. Their second full-length album, Revived, was released December 20. Members: Jimmer Steiner (vocals) Steve Novoa (guitar/vocals) Kenny Davis (bass/vocals) Ronny August (guitar) Ernie Slenkovich (drums) Buy their album on the Tragic Hero webstore now on sale for only $4! Follow the band on Twitter at Visit their official Tumblr: http://usfromoutsideoffi ... Read More

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