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About Dusty Rhodes
Also known as Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, this band is an anomaly in today's music landscape; difficult to classify, easy to like, and hard to forget. The band presents fun yet evocative storytelling through a revolving blend of musical styles and personality. Influenced by The Band, Yes, Os Mutantes, and various roots music, the young Anaheim sextet bring the tradition of "song-focused songs" into the new millennium. The group's full-bodied, organic sound features three distinct vocalists, a classically trained fiddler, and a mad keyboard frontman, and has been described as uniquely soulful and melodic. Dusty Rhodes and the River Band is Dustin Apodaca, vocals, keys, accordion; Kyle Divine, vocals, guitar, harmonica; Allen Van Orman, bass; Andrea Babinski, violin, mandolin; Eric Chirco, drums; and Edson R. Choi, banjo, guitar. A high energy live show accompanied with rich, full bodied sound that features a wide range of instrumentation and experimentation, sets Dusty Rh ... Read More

Career Started: 1970
Tags: rock, indie, rockabilly, united states, pop,