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Wing (singer) Chinese 曾咏韓 Transcriptions Mandarin - Hanyu Pinyin Zēng Yǒnghán - Wade-Giles Tseng Yunghan - IPA tsə́ŋ jʊ̀ŋxǎn Cantonese (Yue) - Jyutping Cang4 Wing6 Hon4 - IPA tsɐ̏ŋ wɪ̀ŋhɔ̏ːn - Yale Romanization Dzeng Yunghan Wing Han Tsang (Chinese: 曾咏韓; pinyin: Zēng Yǒnghán; b. 1960), popularly known simply as Wing, is a New Zealand singer of Hong Kong origin. She is known for her unique singing style. Career: Having taken up singing as a hobby after immigrating to New Zealand, Wing gained an audience by entertaining patients at nursing homes and hospitals in and around Auckland. This prompted suggestions that she release a CD; the result was a debut titled Phantom of the Opera, featuring the title song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and a selection of other popular tunes to the accompaniment of a programmed electronic keyboard. Despite her unconventional style the recording proved a success, leading to a number of su ... Read More

Career Started: 1971
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