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About Eddie From Ohio
Eddie From Ohio (often abbreviated EFO) is an American folk band that was formed in Virginia in 1991 by Julie Murphy Wells (vocals), Robbie Schaefer (vocals, guitar), Eddie Hartness (percussion, vocals), and Michael Clem (vocals, bass, guitar). They are not from Ohio. EFO's early sound was almost entirely acoustic, including such unusual touches as hand percussion, though over the years they have gradually shifted towards incorporating more electric instruments. EFO's focus on rich harmonies and literate, quirky songwriting has remained strong. Though they have been playing their own smart, tuneful songs (by songwriters Schaefer and Clem) since the beginning of their 15-year existence, the band's repertoire also includes some notable covers of songs by The Byrds and Blues Traveler. The band has won several WAMMIES (music awards given to bands from the Washington D.C. area) and tours throughout the United States. Read More

Career Started: 2000
Official Website: http://eddiefromohio.com
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