Madagascar Ringtones and Lyrics


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About Madagascar
There are at least two bands and one film with this name: Hailing from Baltimore, MD this four piece weirdo chamber folk ensemble takes you in its bipolar grip, casting spells of malaise and joy... felicity and misery. The palette is spattered with Balkan and Yiddish traditional influence, but with an original and new collective instinct. Accordion, singing saw, glockenspiel, melodica, drums, guitar and the clip clop of a melee of organic percussion couple with the echo of wordless vocals. The overall effect is hypnotizing and plays out like some sort of live action music box or the soundtrack to something at musee mechanique. Think Harry Potter in a one piece 1920's style striped bathing suit. A hazy daze maze of ice fire and Wodehouse. Past members include Walker Teret of Cass McCombs and Arbouretum. In addition, there is also an accordion based band from Madagascar called Madagascar who has a very different style. Their sound shows influence from French accordion styles that h ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
Tags: accordion, instrumental, balkan, folk, eastern european,