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About J. Futuristic
I am now J. Futuristic because I created the "Futuristic Swag," says the always energetic 24 year-old. "I created this lane and I am going to own it." J's style, swavor (his version of swagger" and sound are all about positivity. "I am still grown and living my life, so I am not saying that I am Mr. Perfect. But, I am not doing music to promote the trap. I am doing music because I love it." Being futuristic goes beyond music, it is his life. "The word defines my lifestyle," he explains. "Even before I started rapping, I would always say, 'Man, I am futuristic'. My flow, dress code and the way I talk and kick it are all futuristic. It's about having charisma, being bold and most importantly looking brand new." J. Neutron: The Music The success of "First Name, Last Name" has solidified J's standing as one of the most individual and progressive rappers not only in hip-hop fertile Atlanta, but in the music industry period. His inventive sound continues on his highly-anticipat ... Read More

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