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There are more artists using this name: 1) Crank were a hard rock/proto-metal band whose only 1969 recording has been posthumously released by Rockadelic on a split LP called 'A Night In The Cave', along with another band called Thump Theater. 2) Crank are a melodic punk band from Sydney, Australia who began performing in 1994. 3) Crank is a side project of Low Res / Suite Crude Revue (Daniel Zelonky). The first Mille Plateau release, "Wanton Phenomena" was a top ten electronic pick in The Wire [UK] Magazine for 1999. Recently, much unreleased material from the same period was released on the collection "15 Exitos Grandes de Electro" on the Cosmo Elliptic label. 4) Crank is a beatdown brutal deathcore band from Osaka, Japan. Similar artists: Die my will, day of mourning Read More

Career Started: 1990
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