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1) Chicago glam/powerpop/biker punk. Mickey is a five piece glam rock band from Chicago that started in 2008. They've recorded two 7" singles, a cassette, 12" EP and their debut full-length album "Rock N Roll Dreamer" came out on HoZac Records. They're currently dealing with a follow-up album. Vocals- Mac Blackout Lead Guitar- TC Starrchild (formerly known as Mick Swagger) Rhythm Guitar- Dirty D Bass- Brent Drums- Christmas Woods http://www.hozacrecords.com/ http://www.fdhmusic.com/ http://www.myspace.com/iamyourtrash ********* There are other bands with the same/similar names. ********* 2) Mickey is also the name Mickey Turner recorded under in 1974 an album of pop standards aimed at a gay audience. Done in a Folk Pop style the songs are enchanting. "This is Me...Mickey" is a classic album that should not be lost. 3) Mickey is also a Belgium Disco Producer, his bio on soundcloud: At an early age Mickey already got hooked to the more interesting sounds of the 60', 7 ... Read More

Official Website: http://www.mickeymehtahbf.com/
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