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Roberto Flores (born September 21, 1975), best known by his stage name Lil Rob, is a Mexican American rapper, producer, and actor. Biography: Roberto Flores was born in the La Colonia area of Eden Gardens, a Mexican founded neighborhood near Solana Beach, California. In the early 1990s, he began performing under the name Lil Rob and the Brown Crowd, and recorded a single titled "Oh What a Night in the 619." Though it did not chart, it was later featured on his 1997 debut album Crazy Life, with the title shortened to "Oh What a Night." In 1994, his chin was shattered when he was shot in the jaw and in the eye later. During his career, Lil Rob has collaborated with fellow Chicano rappers Mr. Shadow, Mr. Sancho, and OG Spanish Fly, and mainstream artists such as Paul Wall, The Game, E-40, and Pitbull. Lil Rob and Mr. Shadow were in a group called "The Mahem Click". The numbers twelve and eighteen, which are tattooed on his forearms, represent the numeric value of the letters L and ... Read More

Career Started: 1992
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