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About Borat
Borat is a character devised and portrayed by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Borat is a TV reporter from Kazakhstan who conducts interviews with unwitting victims who believe that they will be appearing on Kazakh TV. Borat typically makes his subjects uncomfortable with his unusual customs and cultural missteps, such as asking the hosts of a dinner party he was attending whether his prostitute sister could live with them, or telling a member of the Oklahoma City council that he would like to "make romance inside" her. Borat is also incredibly anti-Semetic, a trait which Cohen (who is himself Jewish) uses to expose the bigotry of some of his subjects. One of Borat's most popular episodes is the one in which he went to a Tuscon bar and sang a song called "In My Country there is a Problem" but commonly known as "Throw the Jew Down the Well"; he got much of the bar to sing along. Read More

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