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About Skeletonwitch
Skeletonwitch is a blackened thrash metal band with death metal elements formed in 2003. The band formed in Athens, Ohio by Nate Garnette (Guitar), Scott Hedrick (Guitar),Chance Garnette (Vocals), Evan Linger (Bass), Derick Nau (Drums). In 2011, Derrick Nau left the band, replaced by Dustin Boltjes. Skeletonwitch released their first album, At One with the Shadows, on August 11, 2004 with Shredded Records. The band then released a quick fiery demo in 2004 and then released an EP Worship the Witch in 2005, both of which were self-released due to the failed Shredded Records. This lead to a lot of interest with fan and labels, with their new matured style. After being signed to Prosthetic, Skeletonwitch released Beyond The Permafrost on October 2, 2007. Skeletonwitch was featured as one of four opening acts for Danzig's 2008 Blackest of the Black tour. On October 13, 2009, Skeletonwitch released their third studio album, Breathing The Fire, which debuted at #151 on the Billboard ... Read More

Career Started: 2003
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Tags: metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, black, death metal,