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About Chris
There are several artists using this name 1) Chris is a rapper from Houston, TX. Also, is a part of the group Asshole By Nature, which is lead by Trae. 2) Chris is Cristiana Cucchi, an Italian disco singer. 3) Chris Lennon (CHRIS) is a singer/rapper from Japan. 3) Chris, full name Chris Muller, is a singer/songwriter, free improviser and producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands. His influences are too broad to mean anything here, ranging from Indie to Classical music. As a drummer, he prefers groovy stuff, as a singer or guitarist he is more prone to melancholic melodies. Maybe some day, he'll release an album. Although he doesn't really feel the need to do so. Check out myspace/skeletonchris. 4) Chris Griffin is a fictional character from the animated series Family Guy. He is the middle child and eldest son of Peter and Lois Griffin, brother of Stewie and Meg Griffin. Chris is voiced by Seth Green. 5) Christopher L Galipeau was the Drummer/Album Illustrator for a one-hit wonder ... Read More

Career Started: 2000