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There are two artist with the name Cam Cam (Gospel singer): Hailing from Spencer, Oklahoma, Cam aspired to be an R&B singer and pursued his dreams with relentless dedication. While in pursuit of his dreams, Cam met Jesus Christ and his life was forever changed. His love for R&B music remains, but he no longer seeks fame, instead his desire is to lift up the Name of the Lord. His pursuit is no longer the national spotlight, but instead to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations DJ Cam: DJ Cam (born Laurent Daumail in 1973) is a French DJ. His tunes are almost entirely a hybrid of both hip-hop and jazz music, and is presented in an abstract manner. His first LP was "Undergound Vibes" in 1994, and was revolutionary for its time, featuring familiar jazz samples and many vibe samples and heavy hip-hop influences. His second studio album was 'Substances', which carried on with the tradition of it's predecessor. He realeased 'The Beat Assassinated' in 1998, which contained came ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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