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CMU (standing for Contemporary Music Unit) was a short-lived progressive rock group, drawing influence from psychedelic rock, folk and blues. The band was formed in the early 1970s in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Their debut album, Open Spaces (1971) is a complex and progressive album featuring female vocals, fuzz guitar and strong keyboards. By their 2nd album, Space Cabaret (1972), CMU had moved away from their bluesy roots into a more folk/psych direction, although they could also rock out when the mood took them. Original LPs on Transatlantic Records are now rare. Personnel: James Gordon (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Richard Joseph (vocals, guitar); Ed Lee, Larraine Odell[/bandmember], Ian Hamlett[/bandmember] (guitar); Leary Hasson (keyboards); Roger Odell (drums). Read More

Career Started: 1970
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