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About Zoe
Zoé is a Mexican rock band, that's not afraid of experimenting, with a modern sound, an eclectic style, some British influences & overall, their music's sophisticated without loss of rock energy. Their lyrics cover many subjects / feelings, with the same level of sophistication that their music shows, plus honesty. They usually write songs in Spanish, sometimes in English or a combination of both languages. They began as a band in 1994; as time went by, the band changed members several times until the definite line-up stuck in 1997 with León Larregui (vocals and guitar), Sergio Acosta (guitar), Beto Cabrera (drums), Ángel Mosqueda (bass) and Chucho Báez (keyboards). Then the band made a demo and many gigs on their own with the little resources that they had; with all that, Zoé began to call the attention of the Hispanic radio stations in the U.S. Later in 1998, Zoé signed a record deal with Sony Music Mexico and began making their first record in 2000; this album, self title ... Read More

Career Started: 1997
Official Website: http://www.zoetheband.com/
Tags: mexico, rock, rock en espanol, latin, alternative rock,