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About Carlito
1). Carlito is an alias of James Mitton-Wade, one half of Guardians of Dalliance 2). Carlito is the alias used by Jonny Jakobsen (real name) since 2005. Jonny is from Sweden and started out as a country singer, but didn't really become famous until he morphed into Dr. Bombay, in which he as an Indian "taxi-driverman" from Calcutta. His second album goes under the name Dr. Macdoo, which is a scottish parody. As Carlito he has released two albums (one only in Japan) and one greatest hits album. 3). Carlito is a tejano singer. 4) Carlito is a rap musician from Stockholm, Sweden. 5) Carlito is a hardcore punk band from Italy. Read More

Career Started: 1990
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