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About Sugar
There are several bands by the name of Sugar: (1) Project of former Hüsker Dü member Bob Mould. (2) is a Korean girl-pop group with releases in Japan and Korea (3) is a Japanese visual-kei group (Sugar). (4) is Australian psy-trance producer / artist Felix Hamer, on the Green Ant label from Melbourne, Australia. (5) is a rockband from Den Bosch The Netherlands. Sugar (1) was formed by Bob Mould after the breakup of Hüsker Dü, and conceived as having a similar sound, though with Mould as the sole leader. As such, the band was a trio with Mould on guitar and voice, David Barbe (formerly of Mercyland) on bass, and Malcolm Travis (formerly with zulus and Human Sexual Response) on drums. The band released three studio albums and a collection of live tracks and B-sides before breaking up in 1995. SUGAR (2) (슈가) was a 4 member moderately successful girl pop group originating from South Korea. The group began in 2001 with their first album "Tell Me Why" that included ... Read More

Career Started: 1992
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