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About Mighty Mystic
Mighty Mystic was born Kevin Mark Holness in 1980, to Morris and Sonia Holness in the Country side of St Elizabeth, Jamaica. As a boy Mystic showed great interest in his island's music. You could often hear him singing the popular tunes of those days while working on his father's farm, says a family member. It wasn't until the separation of his parents, and a far move to the states (Boston Ma) that fueled the musical passion in young Mystic. In the late 80s early 90s, break dancing and a still young hip hop was the trendiest thing on the streets of Mass, and Mystic along with his older brother (Stephen) was swept up in to its raging storm. Not soon after did the word spread on Mystic and by the mid 90s Mighty Mystic was already a local star. After several years and several local releases, Mystic began to carefully and methodically craft his career in a way that would be meaningful to his audience and himself. And in 2003 Mighty Mystic teamed up with reggae superstars T ... Read More

Official Website: http://mightymystic.com
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