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About Sharpay
Sharpay Evans is a fictional character of the Disney franchise 'High School Musical'. She is portrayed by Ashley Tisdale. Sharpay is queen of East High's theatre department, having starred in a total of 17 school productions. She has never quite forgiven newcomer Gabriella Montez and basketball star Troy Bolton for taking the lead roles from her and her twin brother Ryan Evans in the winter musicale. Sharpay's attempt at revenge failed over the summer, as she was taught a valuable lesson in friendship. In her senior year, she recruited a sophomore named Tiara Gold to be her personal assistant. Tiara later ends up betraying Sharpay, announcing that she will be taking over the drama department the following year. Sharpay won't stand to be humiliated and gives Tiara her comeuppance by crashing her performance in the musical. After graduation, Sharpay goes to college while maintaining her spot as the president of drama club at East High. Sharpay is very controlling. She dominates ... Read More

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