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About Navi
There are two artists by the name Navi: 1) Navi / 나비 (real name: Ahn Ji-ho) is a R&B singer born in 1986. She was discovered by composer Lee Hyun-seung when she was just a college student working as a singer at a jazz club. Navi's first single album features medium tempo R&B songs, which accentuates her beautiful voice. Tablo of Korea's hottest hip hop group Epik High has done rap featuring on her album, adding his own musical flavor to her stylish pieces. Her hobbies include writing songs, traveling and, going to concerts and her favourite musicians are Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Prince, Ray Charles. 2) Maryland hip hop musican/ artist Navid 'Navi' Azeez has been cooking his strange blend of mad science lyricism and DIY homebrew beats for over six years. His lab setup includes dual wield sharpie graffitied MIDI controllers, a Technics 1200 turntable, guitars, a battered Shure 58 mic, and the unlimited capabilities of FLStudio. His most famous track is Don't Call Me (Unless It's ... Read More

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