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My Little Pony, also known as mylittlepony has CHANGED THEIR NAME TO MAKING MARKS!. They've existed for three years, and have played concerts all over the world different countries. In Spain, they are double winners of "El Premio Pop Eye": "European Revelation" (2008), and "Best International Album" (2009). In 2007 they released their first EP, "Songs in A Major", and the following year saw the release of their debut album "Think Too Much". After extensive touring the band released their second album "Making Marks" in 2011, playing SXSW 2011 amongst other prestigeous events. In addition to some of their own early CD-R demos, they also release a CD-R compilation with other pop bands called "Around the World With My Little Pony". So far two volumes have been released with such artists as Dent May, Hari and Aino, Red Pony Clock, Bedroom Eyes, Cola Jet Set, Le Man Avec les Lunettes, Zipper and bfachada. This can also be an incorrect tag for music from either the 1980's television p ... Read More

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