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About Mighty Boosh
The Mighty Boosh is a British cult comedy duo, starting off as a live show over 8 years ago now, progressing to a radio show & now a successful TV series. The radio series is a 6 part series, which won them the Douglas Adams Award for innovative comedy writing, it has never been awarded again! The series was produced by Danny Wallace & first aired on BBC London Live. The Mighty Boosh stars Julian Barratt as Howard Moon & Noel Fielding as Vince Noir; they play zookeepers in both the radio show & first television series under the scrutiny of bad-tempered Bob Fossil (played by Rich Fulcher). Series 2 has seen them progress to living in a flat in Dalston with a Shaman named Naboo(Mike Fielding)& an 41-year-old ape called Bollo (Dave Brown). In 2006 they have taken the boosh on the road once again to around 75 dates around the UK, mainly to the small venues. See www.themightyboosh.com for more boosh news & updates. The DVD boxset including series 1&2,extras,a short film called ... Read More

Career Started: 1998
Official Website: http://www.themightyboosh.com
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