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Wake Up

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About Wake Up
Here's the story, the path, the magical way, of how Wake Up has born. As you will discover, patience, truth and friendship always gives dividends... Trust yourself , be confident and patient, and someday you'll be granted... Wake Up was formed in 2004 by lead singer Dom Bergeron and drummer Alex Lafrance, under ¨Timeline¨ project name. Timeline was a studio project who had for goal to track a dozen of Dom's songs to sell them on HYPERLINK "http://www.taxi.com" www.taxi.com before he joins the Canadian forces. After a couple of months Dom and Alex discovered a special sound, a special touch in some of the recorded songs. These songs were true streams of their lives, the way they were thinking and acting. So far, it was a revelation... They made a road trip to Miami, they drank, they drove, they passed dozens of nights dreaming' about this amazing music career... They became the best friends in the world... Two years have passed before they made music together again. Wit ... Read More

Official Website: http://wake-up.ca
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