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There are 3 artists with this name 1. KK (Kevin Kerrigan) is a British-based musician, composer and producer, who has worked with Brian Eno, Bjork, James Newton Howard and produces music with his record label 21st Century Genius. He is musically known for making soundtrack-styled albums, and has also written official soundtracks for film, theatre and television. 2. KK (Kristján Kristjánsson)is the name of an Icelandic Blues / folk singer. He has released numerous LPs with his band and with Magnús Eiríksson, as well as one Christmas LP with his sister Ellen Kristjánsdóttir. A biography of KK by Einar Kárason was published in 2002. His most recent LP is Svona Eru Menn from 2008. http://kk.is/ 3. KK (the khaosist) is Tokyo Based Hip-Hop Beat Maker/Producer.After various musical accomplishments (arranger, keyboardist, production of singer Kaana, and guest appearance on DJ Krush "Kakusei" ), founded Lo-Vibes Recordings and released first solo album "Vibration-Lo" (2000). Since ... Read More

Career Started: 1996
Official Website: http://www.nsit-moksha.in/moksha2012
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