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About Hunter
There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Hunter is a Polish heavy metal band founded in Szczytno in 1985, sometimes it is also classified as "soul metal" by the musicians themselves. Their music has evolved from their early Metallica-influenced thrash style, which actually earned them the nickname of Polish Metallica locally, to a heavier and more powerful sound on albums Medeis and T.E.L.I... released both in Polish and English versions. 2) Hunter is a group consisting of well-known SAIFAM group artists (Italian Hardstyle group): Cristiano Giusberti, Antonio Donà, Luca Antolini, Mauro Farina. They also go under the aliases "Dark Oscillators" & "The Hose" The group was founded in 1998 with their first release "Revenge" on the Red Alert label. Since then they have had 10 further releases on mainly BLQ Records and Titanic. 3) Hunter is a hardcore band out of Poughkeepsie New York formed in the birth of 2008 adding onto the constant music wave of heavy hardcore bands like ... Read More

Career Started: 1985
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