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About Girls
There are several bands called Girls, only one that still play regularly: 1) an American indie rock band from San Francisco featuring Christopher Owens formed in 2007 2) a 70s all-female rock band from Japan 3) a swedish synthpop/disco band featuring Paul Rein 4) a 70s American West Coast punk band associated with The Screamers 1) In 2006, Christopher Owens, Liza Thorn, Ryan Lynch (from Dominant Legs) began a music project called Curls, which dissolved itself when Liza decided to focus more on her new band, BRIDEZ. Not to be dissuaded, Owens recruited San Francisco's infamous ladykiller Chet "JR" White to join him and changed the band's name to Girls. Owens was formerly a member of Holy Shit with Ariel Pink. Being raised in a cult where "pop music was banned, women sold themselves for sex and several members were driven to suicide... the Girls' singer's life seems to have been a blur of prescription drugs (fentanyl patches are his favourite), punk rock shows and art happenings." ... Read More

Career Started: 2007
Tags: rock, punk, pop, indie rock, lo-fi,