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Sara Lynn Evans was born February 5, 1971, and raised on a farm near New Franklin, Missouri as the oldest girl amongst seven children. Music has always been a part of her life and by age five was singing every weekend in her family's band. When she was sixteen, she began performing at a nightclub near Columbia, Missouri, a gig that lasted two years. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1991 with the goal of becoming a country artist. Songwriter Harlan Howard heard Sara as she sung a demo of one of his songs, "Tiger By the Tail" at County Q Studios**, and decided she should sing his music. She went under contract with RCA. In 1997 Evans released her first album Three Chords and the Truth. Critics praised the album for returning to traditional country and recognized it on many of their top ten of the year lists. Unfortunately, it did not catch on with country radio at the time and none of the three singles made the top 40. In 1998 Evans released her sophomore album No Place That F ... Read More

Career Started: 1992
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