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About Prime Suspect
American artist Ariel and German electronic music producer Jan Mueller have joined forces to produce the criminal sounds of Prime Suspect. With a blend artpop-disco-industrial-techno-go-go punk and live vocals this duo creates a distinctive, futuristic hybrid of dance. The compelling mix of electronic punk features both Jan & Ariel's emotive vocals, adding a taste of yesterday's anarchist sarcastic flavor, but never interferes with the music. Jan as progammer and composer uses as many analogue sounds as possible, bringing musicians into the studio, creating a virtual band. Featured on various tracks of the up and coming debut album, BANG is the guitar mastership of the legendary East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedys. The story doesn't end there. Jan has for the last 15 years co-produced the internationally acclaimed techno-trance band X-Dream, plus various other side projects. Ariel joined as vocalist for X-Dreams last album "Interface". Supporting members are Johann Bley on drums ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
Tags: electronic, melodic rock, aor, rock, industrial,