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Robin Sparkles (real name Robin Scherbatsky) was a one hit wonder in Canada in the 90s (the 80s didn't come to Canada 'til like '93) with her song "Let's Go To The Mall". She often toured malls in Canada singing her hit song. She attempted to follow up on the success of "Let's Go To The Mall" with a more artistic exercise in classic balladry, which came in the form of "Sandcastles In The Sand". The song featured fellow teenage popstar Tiffany, whereas the music video saw a cameo from 'Growing Pains' star Alan Thicke. "Sandcastles..." was considered a commercial flop and marked the end of Robin Sparkles musical career. The ex-singer now lives in Manhattan, New York. She was a news anchor for a New York cable news channel, Metro News 1, but now hosts her own morning talk show that airs at 4:00 in the morning. Read More

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