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About Bruce
PLEASE NOTE: There is more than one band/artist with the name "Bruce". Bruce is a pop/rock band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2006. The band consists of Cameron Bruce, Shane Melder, Emma Hoy and Andy Meehan. The band's official bio (courtesy of Half A Cow Records) is as follows: Bruce is the new project from trusted journeyman Cameron Bruce. With the phenomenal, yet fading success of Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Fleetwood Mac, the time is ripe for a new band-named-after-the-surname-of-one-of-the-members-of-the-band to take the mantle. Cameron has spent the last few years surrounded by friends, loved-ones and clowns, touring the country and the world with David McCormack's Polaroids, GUD, Pinky Beecroft's White Russians, and the Beautiful Girls, and doing weird bits on TV including a 10 episode series called Under The Grandstand, which rated its arse off on SBS last year during the Ashes. Cameron has toured with loads of bands over time, from Jimmy Little to Sneeze, not to mention ... Read More

Career Started: 2006
Tags: trance, r&b, hip hop, electronic, soul,