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About Lindsey Harper
Lindsey Harper embodies what it means to be soulful. In a world of turmoil and strange faces, the sultry 23 year-olds powerful voice and deeply emotional lyrics evoke a refreshing sense of honesty and connection. With an infusion of piano, jazz melodies, soulful lyrics, and splash of pop, Lindsey bares her soul through her music. She has the rare ability to make a listener in a dark, crowded room of hundreds feel as if they are in a room of one, where the existence and meaning of her music was created just for them and their world of circumstances. In her new Album, "Living", this singer/songwriter draws on her life experiences as the guiding light for her song writing. Rather than dwell on past experiences, Lindsey's music is the experience itself. She creates music from what is happening in the present. Her songs are a tangible expression of what was happening at the exact moment they were created. Lindsey's music creates a profound experience of being, where listening ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Tags: pop, jazz, soul, jazz pop, blues,


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