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About All That Remains
All That Remains are an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts formed in 1998. They have released six studio albums, a live CD/DVD, and have sold nearly 800,000 records worldwide. The group consists of guitarists Oli Herbert and Mike Martin, vocalist Philip Labonte, bassist Jeanne Sagan and former Diecast drummer Jason Costa with Labonte and Herbert being the only two original members. All of their singles have had music videos created for them except "The Waiting One". History: Formation, debut album and This Darkened Heart (2000-2005): Phil Labonte, the vocalist for All That Remains, was originally the vocalist for Shadows Fall and appeared on the cult classic album Somber Eyes to the Sky. After being asked to leave because of "musical differences", Phil focused entirely on All That Remains, a side project he had been working on prior to leaving. Phil has been known to support Boston acts such as Widow Sunday, Bury Your Dead, and Cannae. The band released t ... Read More

Career Started: 1998
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