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About Bunny
Bunny refers to a number of bands and artists. 1) a Belgian band led by Nico 'Bunny' Renson. Bunny was born in a small town squeezed between the Dutch and German border in a small country called Belgium. Growing up in a loving family, in a farm overlooking an orchard it was clear he would not end up writing hip hop tunes about street crime. At a young age he started writing about what he did know, that included observing the smaller things in life. He picked up playing keys when he was only nine and soon found he could carry a tune while imitating Michael Jackson at his high school prom. He left home at 16 moved to Brussels where he graduated as a film director, five years later he took a ferry across the Channel and never returned. Armed with a telecaster and a healthy dose of self-belief he set out to conquer London. He formed several rock bands, played every small venue at least twice, roughed it out in squats living hand to mouth. It was a far cry from the life he was used to ... Read More

Career Started: 1998
Official Website: http://officialbizband.com
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