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About The Epilogues
It's probably safe to say that the most commonly asked question for a band is, "What do you sound like?" After four years, The Epilogues still struggle to find the answer, but it's not for lack of trying. This four piece band out of Denver, Colorado has been struggling in response to that question for most of their existence. The Epilogues began as two friends (singer/guitarist Chris Heckman and keyboardist Nathaniel Hammond) hoping to create something different in the Denver scene. After years of experimenting with tones and effects, as well as the additions of drummer Jason Hoke and bassist Jeff Swoboda, the band eventually stumbled onto the sound that would, in fact, set them apart from the rest. If you wanted to keep it vague, you could call them indie rock or even synth rock, but past that, the genre lines begin to blur. In their debut EP, "The Beautiful, The Terrifying," The Epilogues have somehow managed to successfully walk the line between mainstream and experimenta ... Read More

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