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Recording artist and founder of underground hip-hop crew Buddha Baby, MC Sniper is considered a controversial and influential musician in South Korea. He Debuted in 2002 with the album "So Sniper..." and immediately became recognized for acrid lyrics that challenged economic, governmental, and societal conditions. His backdrop: a powerful mixture of hip-hop and traditional Korean music. He is credited with discovering and producing 배치기 (Baechigi), a hip-hop group whose popularity is now exponentially increasing. MC Sniper is featured on the Windstruck OST, Cherry Filter's 3rd album, and even internationally on Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Undercooled". Quick Facts - Real Name: 김정유 (Kim Jung-yoo) - Date of Birth: February 8th, 1979 - Blood Type: B - Height: 172Cm - Hobby: Boxing, Music, Reading, Travel - Education: Currently on temporary leave from Induk Institute of Technology (Industrial Design major) - Drinking Capacity: 2 bottles of hard liquor Read More

Career Started: 2002
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