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THEME is a BUKKA BUKKA rapper from West London! For the other Theme, see below. Theme are essentially presently a trio based in Krakow (Poland), Leicester (UK) and Paris (France). They began life when (the recently reactivated) Splintered, their previous band, reached a standstill in a generally typical 'Rock 'n' Roll' sea of foul tempers, ego-trippin', loss of sanity and narcotics sometime around the end of 1997, following a short European tour partly designed to promote the fifth and what at the time was deemed the last CD album (an eponymous collaboration with Germany's wonderful RLW). The debut album by Theme then took a painstaking amount of time and travelling to put together and finally appeared in 2000, titled 'On Parallel Shores Removed', on both founding member Richard Johnson's Fourth Dimension imprint and Tremor Recordings. At the time, and until 2006, Theme were a trio comprising Stuart Carter and Hassni Malik besides the aforementioned Richard Johnson. However, foll ... Read More

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