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The City Harmonic

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About The City Harmonic
Formed in 2010 in Hamilton, Ontario, The City Harmonic consists of lead vocalist and lyricist Elias Dummer, bassist Eric Fusilier, guitarist Aaron Powell and drummer Josh Vanderlaan. Having recently signed with Kingsway / ThankYou Music -- the same record label as Delirious?, Matt Redman and Tim Hughes -- The City Harmonic released a six-song EP entitled "Introducing The City Harmonic" in late 2010. On October 16, 2011, The City Harmonic released their first full-length album, entitled "I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)". According to their self-description, The City Harmonic is what happens when you mix nostalgic hymns, brit-rock and that sing-at-the-campfire feeling. Read More

Career Started: 2009
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