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About Yuvan Shankar Raja
Yuvan Shankar Raja (born 31 August 1979) is an Indian film score and soundtrack composer, singer and occasional lyricist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has predominantly scored music for the South Indian film industry. Son of noted film composer Ilaiyaraaja, he began his musical career in 1996, at age 16, as he composed the film score for Aravindhan. After initial struggle, he made his big break with the Thulluvadho Ilamai soundtrack (2001), and evolved as one of Tamil cinema's most sought-after composers by the mid-2000s. Within a span of 15 years, Yuvan Shankar Raja worked on over 85 films. Considered a versatile composer, he often strives for different and innovative music and has explored and used elements of various genres in his compositions that range from folk and R&B to techno and heavy metal. He is particularly known for his use of western music elements in his pieces and often credited with having introduced Hip hop to the Tamil film and music industry and having started ... Read More

Career Started: 1996
Official Website: http://theyuvanshankarraja.blogspot.com/
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