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About Eliza Gilkyson
Eliza Gilkyson (born in Los Angeles, California, in 1950) is an American folk musician based in Austin, Texas. She has been recording and performing her unique blend of folk, country, and other genres since the late 1970s. She is the daughter of the late Terry Gilkyson, an accomplished songwriter noted for music he composed for Disney. She is the sister of Tony Gilkyson, who played with the Los Angeles-based bands Lone Justice and X. She has collaborated with both during the course of her career. She received much critical acclaim for her 2005 release, Paradise Hotel, which contains songs that strike a chord with listeners in light of recent events. "Requiem" honors Hurricane Katrina and tsunami victims with hopeful pleas to the Virgin Mary, while "Man of God" is a bitter, unapologetic denouncement of President George W. Bush and his administration. "The actions of this regime do not follow the teachings of Christ, what I call real Christianity," Gilkyson said in August 2005. ... Read More

Career Started: 1979
Official Website: http://www.elizagilkyson.com
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