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Mozart Season

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About Mozart Season
Forget the delicate twinklings that you hear at the ballet - Sacramento's Mozart Season has reinvented what it means to be a classic. By blending heavy, dark melodies with aggressive instrumentations, thrashing vocals and a splash of pop-punk style choruses, this Sacramento-based outfit is paving their own path to success. Separating themselves from the typical "tragic love story" songwriting mentality of other bands, Mozart Season has devoted their music to addressing real life issues and experiences, with no topic too raw to touch upon. Guitarist Sam Trux elaborates, "I want people to hear our music and be able to relate to it...there are real problems, real struggles, real shitty times and this is an outlet for us to express that." With nearly five years of experience behind their belts, Mozart Season has been building up an army of dedicated followers since they were teenagers. Their beloved hometown has provided the fuel for pursuing their musical aspirations and has served a ... Read More

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