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About Avery
Multiple artists use the name Avery. (1) Avery a solo singer from the U.S.A. At the young age of 16, pop rocker AVERY became an internet sensation with over 12 million views on her YouTube page. Her debut single and video, "Love Me or Let Me Go" reached over 1 million views in less than 3 months of its release, landing her a major record deal with Universal. In January 2011 Entertainment Tonight labeled her, "The next big thing." Avery is one of the youngest artists to join the Universal Motown family. Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Avery's musical journey began in the local theater where she played Gabriella in their version of High School Musical. Avery not only sang her in hometown choir, she was part of a singing charity group "Acts of Love" where she would perform in homeless shelters and teen crisis centers throughout the city. Avery was discovered at the age of 14 by manager/producer Aton Ben-Horin from The Agency. Aton was with a friend who was randomly watching comedy skits ... Read More

Career Started: 2010
Official Website: http://www.averyofficial.com
Tags: new jersey, hip hop, hardcore, pop, rnb-soul,